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Assistant Director – Operations, Finance & Personnel Stephanie Moore
Assistant Director – Conservation, Education & Collections Steve Taylor
Development Director Kelly Grether
Development Coordinator Lori Hagest
Development Specialist Leslie Wilson
Marketing and Communications
Communications Manager Robert Kemnitz
Communications Coordinator Heather Dishon
Partnerships Manager Terri Lenahan-Downs
Media Relations Manager Kyle Shepherd
Membership Manager Adam Shaft
Education Curator Kim Allgeier
Assistant Curator of Conservation Education Matthew Lahm
Animal & Veterinary Staff
Senior Veterinarian Zoli Gyimesi, DVM
Veterinary Associate Julie Ter Beest, DVM
Hospital Supervisor Jamie Huber
Curator of Mammals and Animal Training Supervisor Jane Anne Franklin
Birds Curator Gary Michael
Ectotherms Curator Bill McMahan
Assistant Curator (Giraffe Area & The Valley) Michael Jones
Assistant Curator (Commissary & Gorilla Forest) Jill Katka
Registrar Lisa Trusty
Operations, Finance & Personnel
Guest Services Manager John Bechtler
Guest Services Supervisor Nelson Gilmore
Special Events Coordinator Stephanie Bromback
Special Events Specialist Molly O’Keefe
Zoo Facilities Manager Sean Woods
Zoo Facilities Supervisor Dan Cole
Horticulture Supervisor William Nay
Cashier Supervisor Jennifer Mike
System Analyst Bob Abel
HR Supervisor Michele Whiteside
Coordinator of Volunteers Diane Taylor
Service Systems Associates
Executive Chef Chef Carter
Retail Operations Manager Ange Carboni