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Halloween Sustainability Tips

Orangutan at the Louisville ZooAutumn means Halloween, candy and partying at the Zoo! Your animal friends at the Louisville Zoo would like to remind you to check the labels on your candy and other household projects for unsustainable palm oil before you purchase.

Palm oil has some potentially scary outcomes and is pervasive — it can be found in almost everything we use! To produce it, the natural habitats of so many of the world’s wonderful creatures, particularly primates like orangutans, are being destroyed. Protect our wildlife — look for sustainable palm oil products or products without palm oil.

Click here for a list of orangutan-friendly candy that you can purchase with sustainable palm oil.

Click here for a full list of companies and products that are committed to sustainable palm oil. List provided by AZA partner Woodland Park Zoo.

There are many apps to assist you on the go too! One of our favorites is provided by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Just search for palm oil in the app store and look for the green orangutan icon or click here to learn more or download the app below.

The Louisville Zoo event staff strives to ensure that candy given out during out Halloween Party is made with either sustainable palm oil or is palm oil free!

Learn more about the palm oil crisis affecting Africa’s primates.