Wild Lights Live Shows (2024)


Captivating performances occur nightly on the MetaZoo stage. Enjoy nightly shows featuring traditional Chinese performances including the amazing lightning-fast mask changes of Sichuan Opera and other unforgettable acrobatic acts.

You won’t want to miss this stunning variety of cultural performances that have been practiced and performed for hundreds of years.

Nightly Performance Times

8 p.m.

9:15 p.m.

10:30 p.m.

Face Changing

Face changing, or bian lian, is an ancient Chinese art that is part of Sichuan Opera performances. In plays, face changing is used to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters. Bian lian performers now dance to dramatic music and change their face masks almost instantaneously with the flash of a fan or the turning of their head.


Acrobatics is an ancient art in China, dating back thousands of years. Today, skilled artists train for many years to be able to display amazing feats of balance, strength and agility. At the Wild Lights performances, guests will enjoy acrobatic acts such as hoop diving and juggling.


Experience the breathtaking beauty of duo contortion, as two performers intertwine their bodies in stunning displays of flexibility and strength. Marvel at the fluidity of their movements as they create captivating shapes and poses, showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of the human form.

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