Meet the Gorillas

The Louisville Zoo’s Gorilla Forest is home to multiple family groups of gorillas.

Family Group


Kindi was born via emergency cesarean section in 2016. With the loss of her mother the next day, she has been raised by her foster mom Kweli. Kindi can often be seen playing and spending time at the exhibit windows interacting with guests.

You can see some of her first year’s adventures at Kindi’s Journey.


Short and stocky in nature, Kweli is the foster mother to Kindi. She is also the most influential female in the family group. Kweli was born at Cincinnati Zoo in 1983 and arrived in Louisville in April of 2008.


Paki is among the most playful of the adult gorillas. Tall and lanky, she is often seen walking upright. Paki was born at Bronx Zoo in 1989. She arrived at Louisville Zoo in 2004.


Patty, an 11-year-old gorilla, was born at  Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo and came to the Louisville Zoo in 2024 with a breeding recommendation with male gorilla Casey from the AZA Species Survival Plan. Patty is a socially savvy gorilla and is planned to join a family group including Casey, Paki, Kweli and Kindi.


Weighing in at close to 500 pounds, Casey is the largest gorilla at the Zoo. He is the silverback of the family group and has a calm and easygoing demeanor. Casey was born in 1982 at the Gladys Porter Zoo and arrived at the Louisville Zoo in 2017.

The Bachelor Group #1


courtesy of Michael Maes

Our International superstar and youtube sensation due to his fascination with cellphones — Jelani was born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 1997 and arrived at Louisville Zoo in 2002. He is the oldest gorilla in the bachelor group and can be identified by his long face. Jelani can often be seen looking through the exhibit glass at guests’ cellphone photos.



Bengati is easily recognized by his wrinkled face, deep-set eyes, and splotchy pink and black lower lip. He can often be seen hanging out with Jelani. Bengati was born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 1998 and arrived at Louisville Zoo in 2002.

The Bachelor Group #2


Although he is the youngest member of the bachelor group, Cecil is very savvy and the most influential gorilla in the group. Cecil was born at Cincinnati Zoo in 1998 and arrived at Louisville Zoo in 2004.


He is the stockiest member of the bachelor group. Kicho can be easily identified by his relaxed pink lower lip. Kicho was born at Cincinnati Zoo in 1997 and arrived at Louisville Zoo in 2004.

Honoring the Memory of…


Female western lowland gorilla Helen passed on Friday, October 14, 2022. Affectionately called the “Grand Dame” of the gorilla world, Helen was much celebrated at 64-years-old. She was the world’s second oldest gorilla. A typical median life expectancy for a female zoo gorilla is about 39 years.
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Please note, to promote activity levels similar to those of gorillas in the wild, all gorillas will be encouraged to rotate through the various habitat areas at different times each day. Therefore it is impossible to predict in advance which gorillas will be on display at a specific time.

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