Lorikeets resting on an arm


Visit down under right here in Louisville.  You don’t have to leave the continent to get up close with wallabies and wallaroos, feed colorful lorikeets, have a snack, or drink and play in the special kid’s area.

With so much to do and places to rest and eat, this area will be the perfect place for families to learn and play!

Featured Exhibit Areas

Lorikeet Landing

Enjoy a real nose-to-beak experience with lorikeets as you stroll through this beautiful aviary. These brilliantly colored, friendly birds that will eat nectar right out of your hand! Nectar may be purchased at the exhibit for $3 per cup ($2 for members).

Note: Lorikeets are on exhibit when the temperature is 50 to 100 degrees.

Wallaroo Walkabout

Wander along a path that you share with wallaroos, wallabies and two intriguing birds, the Kookaburra and Tawny Frogmouth. Visitors get an up-close look at a mob of wallaroos and red-necked wallabies. The kookaburra is known for its wild laughing call and the tawny frogmouth has – you guessed it – a really big mouth! Visit Bob the Emu on exhibit next to the Wallaroo Walkabout.

Billabong Playabout

Located inbetween next to Wallaroo Walkabout / Lorikeet Landing and Wild Burger is our children’s play area. Filled with fun, age-appropriate playground equipment, this is a favorite of parents and children alike.

Wild Burger

A great place to eat lunch or grab a quick snack. Try a classic quick casual burger with tater tots or include the following toppings; beer cheese, green chili avocado spread, onion bacon jam, mushroom & swiss cheese.