“The Truth About Zoos”: Annie’s Awesome Adventures

On Sale in the Main Plaza Gift Area

We’re excited to announce the release of the Louisville Zoo’s first ever children’s book, “THE TRUTH ABOUT ZOOS, Annie’s Awesome Adventures.”

Readers will meet Annie — a young detective, journalist, sleuth for the truth, and “uncoverer” of cover-ups, who puts the “gator” in investigator. Annie is suspicious by nature and prone to jumping to conclusions. This time she is searching for the truth about zoos and creates a plan to visit the Louisville Zoo to conduct her research. She sees herself as part spy and part avenger, and takes her mission very seriously to discover what zoos are really like.

Annie and her friend Marcus explore the Zoo, ask questions of staff, and learn what the animals and their caregivers do every day. They learn about animal diets, passages, training, enrichment, and healthcare. They soon discover the truth about zoos: that they are excellent places where animals receive wonderful care and guests can connect with each other, nature, and animals.

“THE TRUTH ABOUT ZOOS” features illustrations of some of Louisville Zoo guests’ favorite exhibits such as Snow Leopard Pass, Islands and Glacier Run. It is written by the Zoo’s curator of education, Kim Allgeier, illustrated by J.L.R. Harrington, and published locally by Butler Books.

All proceeds from the sale of the book benefits the Louisville Zoo and all animals in our care.

Where can I buy this book?

This very special, one-of-a-kind book is available in the Zoo’s Main Plaza Gift Shop area. All proceeds from the sale of “THE TRUTH ABOUT ZOOS” benefits the Louisville Zoo and all animals in their care.

A special “Annie’s Awesome Adventure” package will also be available in the Zoo’s Gift Shop. For only $50, guests will receive a disguise kit, magnifying glass, 12” plush elephant and a copy of “The Truth About Zoos!”