banner - background is lime green sky, green grass, with pink bottom border, purple egg safari guide w/safari helmet, big bown shoes, safari egg venture, win prizes on your next visit to the zoo, March 16 - April 7, 2024

Safari EGGventure (2024)

March 16 – April 7, 2024

EGGsplore your Zoo again this spring with a EGGcelent scavenger hunt game that allows you to dive deep into the Zoo while searching for hidden zoo-themed eggs, answering trivia questions and competing in some EGGstra special challenges.

Experience the fun March 16-April 7. You can play for fun or compete to win EGGciting prizes like a Zoo membership, Wild Lights ticket pack, plush animals and more! Safari EGGventure is FREE with Zoo admission or membership.

Apple App for The Louisville Zoo

How to Play

  • Using your camera-enabled smartphone or tablet, download the free GooseChase app.
  • Enter join code “ED7M1Q” and join the free game between March 16 – April 7.
  • Find hidden eggs, answer trivia questions, and complete other challenges during your visit.
  • Each correct answer will earn points. BONUS points may be offered for any EGGceptional submissions. Points may also be deducted for any wrong or inappropriate answers.
  • Score 500 or more points to be entered to win a prize!
  • Prize winners will be drawn at random at the conclusion of the event.
  • Winners will be notified of their prize winnings on, or before, April 21, 2024.


  • Do not cross any barriers when EGGsploring your Zoo.
  • Do not move or remove any items from your Zoo.
  • Points will be awarded for each question, challenge, etc.  Submissions will be monitored, and points will be taken away for incorrect or inappropriate answers.


  • (1) Zoo Family Experience Membership — a full year of fun memory-making at your Louisville Zoo!
  • (1) Wild Lights ticket pack — including 4 tickets to Wild Lights, a plush and more!
  • (1) Louisville Zoo ticket pack — including 4 Zoo tickets, 4 Carousel tickets, and more!
  • (2) Plush animal — including 1 EGGStra cute plush animal to love!