Oakleaf Hydrangea

Scientific Name
Hydrangea quercifolia

Native to southeastern U. S. mainly in Florida

Prefers full sun to partial shade in areas with fertile, acidic, well drained soils.

Growth Nature
A deciduous shrub that can reach heights of 6 to 10 ft., and a spread of 6 to 8 ft. Sometimes described as a slow-growing but sprawling shrub.

Points of Interest

  • Valued in the landscape for it coarse texture and red colored leaves in the fall.
  • Sometime referred to as the snowball bush, due to its large, white rounded flowers.
  • Flowers are generally white to pink in color.
  • Flowers often used in cut or dried flower arrangements.
  • Can be used as a hedge.
  • The name “oakleaf” hydrangea comes from the shape of the leaves which are similar to some oak tree leaves in their shape.
  • Does not appear to be an invasive plant.