Arnold’s Promise Witch Hazel

Scientific Name
Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’

This variety of witch hazel is a hybrid of two Asian witch hazels, one from Japan and one from China. Arnold’s Promise is used widely throughout the U.S. in the landscape industry.

Original varieties were naturally adapted to living in mixed woodlands of evergreens and deciduous forest trees as an understory shrub.

Growth Nature
Grows as a large, deciduous shrub, reaching heights of up to 20 ft. and spreading to about 20 ft. Easy to grow in the typical landscape; it does best in organically rich, moist but well drained soils. Slight acidity to the soil is also beneficial to this Witch hazel.

Points of Interest

  • Extracts from the plant are used medically as an astringent.
  • The name Arnold’s Promise comes from the fact that this variety was originally introduced in the U.S. in 1928 by the Harvard University Arnold Arboretum.
  • Good place for transitional zones in the landscape, such as near undisturbed wild areas or to separate cultivated areas. Used as hedge.
  • Good specimen plant for late winter flowers and attractive foliage for fall color.