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Zoo Babies presented by Norton Children’s

Welcome to Zoo Babies presented by Norton Children’s!  Here you will learn about the latest births at the Louisville Zoo, as well as births you can look forward to. Follow along with pregnancy updates and join the journey as these animal babies grow up to become amazing ambassadors. There are even live camera feeds for the animals that are not yet on exhibit.

Zoo Babies reminds us that each birth can help people learn about these species and their needs as well as encourage us to “better the bond between people and our planet” and help protect our animal friends.

Recent Births


Mother: Matilda
Father: Sitka
Born: Thursday, May 19, 2022

Canada lynx Matilda will care for her kittens in a nest box during the first few weeks. Guests will be able to see the box and can expect to start seeing the kittens moving around the Americas’ exhibit around the end of June. The genders of the kittens won’t be known until after their first exam, which will be performed when they are closer to six weeks old to avoid disrupting the bonding process.

Read the press release for more info.


The Louisville Zoo recently welcomed four Bennett’s wallaby joeys. Three of the joeys can be seen peeking from or hopping in and out of their mothers’ pouches in the Australia zone.

One male joey is being hand-reared off exhibit due to an early departure from mom’s pouch and need for additional care. The genders of the other three wallabies will be known once they have fully emerged from the “pouch life.”

The Wallaroo Walkabout hours may vary. Click here for latest information.

Read the press release for more info.


Mother: Azizi
Father: Gibbs
Born: Friday, May 13, 2022

First time mom, Azizi gave birth to a female foal.  Mom and foal are both doing well and the filly is already running around and keeping mom busy.  Coming Soon: see the latest info on the zebra “zeal” including conservation information, frequently asked questions and more.

Zebra foal is usually on exhibit 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (weather permitting)

Read the press release for more info.


Harbor Seal

Mother: Tonie
Father: Oscar
Born: Friday, April 29, 1:33 a.m.

Zoo staff are saddened to announce the loss of harbor seal pup Emmy, born April 29, 2022.


Mother: Kianga
Father: Baridi

The Louisville Zoo is saddened to announce the stillborn birth of a male Masai giraffe calf to Kianga. The calf was delivered stillborn at 2:52 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22, after two and a half hours of active labor.