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NEW Animals

Some animals are on rotational exhibit and may be viewable for portions of the day. Animal viewing is subject to change based on the cooperation of the weather and animals.


Fitz was born August 2, 2019. 

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The elephant herd is on exhibit at varying times while they continue to bond. The best opportunity for calf viewing is between 1 :30 to 3:30 p.m. daily. On very inclement days, guests may be invited in small groups into the elephant barn. As always, viewing times are subject to change due to the cooperation of weather, animals and zoo maintenance.

Meet Fitz the elephant calf! See the latest info on the elephant herd including a updates, conservation information, frequently asked questions and more.

Meet Fitz



NEW Sloth Exhibit 

Linneaus’s two-toed sloths are coming to the Zoo! One-year-old male sloth Sebastian and 1.5-year-old female sloth Sunni are getting acclimated to their new surroundings.  This spring 2020, they will be waiting to meet you in the South America zone near the Chilean flamingos! Hang out with one of the most elusive and fascinating creatures on the planet and hear from the keepers who care for them.

This exhibit is made possible through the Friends of the Louisville Zoo and other generous donors.




  • 7-year-old female
  • from Peoria Zoo
  • Arrived December 2019
  • Exhibit Viewing: On rotation in Tiger Taiga
Amur tigers can be found in the river region of eastern Russia, northeastern China and into the Korean peninsula. They are the largest living feline. Males weigh 400 – 600 pounds on average and measure up to 14 feet long. Average females weigh between 250 – 300. Tiger stripes are like fingerprints and are unique to that tiger. Amur tigers are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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Amali and Sunny

  • 7-year-old females
  • From Milwaukee County Zoo
  • Arrived in January 2020
  • Exhibit Viewing: on rotation in Africa Zone

Amali is slightly larger than Sunny and has a thicker darker tail. Once the two lions get acclimated to their new surroundings, their introduction to male lion Siyanda will begin. As with any new animal, the Zoo staff will observe the lions’ behaviors closely for cues to determine when they are ready for each new step.

Learn more about Amali and Sunny



  • Female from Virginia Zoo
  • Nearly 2 years old.
  • Arrived January 2020.
  • Exhibit Viewing: on rotation in Africa Zone.

Hartmann’s mountain zebras are found in dry, stony mountains and semideserts of southwest Africa and western Angola. No two zebras have identical stripe patterns. This makes it easier for members of a herd to recognize each other but harder for their main predator, the lion, to single one out. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has them listed as vulnerable.

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NEW Exhibits


Now Open!

Sit on the newly expanded outdoor dining patio, munch on delicious goodies served from the African Outpost and observe beautiful colobus monkeys and Schmidt’s red-tailed monkeys, as they leap and swing from place to place within their new habitat or even cross directly overhead as you walk through the Zoo.

Learn more about Colobus Crossing


Now Open!

Located near Tiger Taiga, the new snow leopard habitat will be sure to wow you! This new space offers our snow leopards an engaging new environment.

The habitat will transport you to a small Himalayan village in Nepal and provide information about the elusive snow leopard — plus you’ll learn how villagers are striving to live in balance with the snow leopard to support conservation of the species.

The “village” also includes The Cub House, presented by PNC, an education and event facility that is open for pre-registered classes and activities.

Learn more about Snow Leopard Pass




A precious new addition to storytime is coming for your little ones: “The Truth About Zoos,”  the Louisville Zoo’s first children’s book

Young readers will meet Annie – a sleuth for the truth who is questioning zoos.

A special “Annie’s Awesome Adventure” package will be available in the Zoo’s Gift Shop March 2020

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The Louisville Zoo is proud to celebrate the arrival of elephant Mikki’s calf!

Celebrate with us and take home a beautiful keepsake to commemorate your special day! All sales support the care of the our animals. Don’t forget, members get a 10% discount on select items.

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