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NEW Animals

Some animals are on rotational exhibit and may be viewable for portions of the day. Animal viewing is subject to change based on the cooperation of the weather and animals.


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  • The elephant herd is on exhibit at varying times while they continue to bond. 
  • The usual time for calf viewing is 10:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily.
  • Weight on 10/17 was 375 lbs. Gaining 1 lbs. per day.
  • Male calf born August 2, 2019. Now 2 months old.
  • The winning name for our Calf Naming Contest was FITZ!

Meet Fitz the elephant calf! See the latest info on the elephant herd including a weekly blog, photos & videos, conservation information, frequently asked questions and more.

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  • Sex: Male
  • Mother: Isabelle
  • Father: Watson
  • Born: May 19, 2019
  • Exhibit Viewing: Daily, weather permitting. Can change without notice due to health exams, training, exhibit maintenance, weather, etc.

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Veiled Chameleon 

  • Male
  • Arrived April 2019
  • Exhibit Viewing: on exhibit in the HerpAquarium, across from the anaconda exhibit.

The veiled chameleon is a brightly colored chameleon found on dry high plains along the coast of Yemen. Its head supports a tall, thin helmet (casque). Chameleons have unique eyes, which rotate independently. This allows them to
fixate on insects, which they capture by means of an incredibly long tongue which they shoot out at their prey. They can also change their colors, sometimes rapidly.
Chameleons in general are so different that some early naturalists did not even consider them lizards, but a strange, unique group unto themselves.



Ahnmom, Indi and Chi Chi

  • Male: Ahnmom from Lowry Park Zoo
  • Females: Indi and Chi Chi (sisters) from National Zoo
  • Arrived November 2018
  • Exhibit Viewing: On rotation in the NEW Colobus Crossing exhibit located near the African Outpost.
Indi is described as a confident monkey that calmly watches over her sister. Chi Chi is bolder, exploring enrichment items and seeking new experiences — but still hides behind her sister when things get too exciting. Male Ahnmom came from Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, and keepers describe him as a young, active and curious monkey that enjoys enrichment, toys and just generally having lots of things to do.

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Radi, Rajesh, Sheldon and Leonard

  • Males
  • Father Radi and sons Rajesh, Sheldon and Leonard from Columbus Zoo.
  • Arrived in January 2019
  • Exhibit Viewing: on rotation in the NEW Colobus Crossing exhibit located near the African Outpost.

The monkeys are settling in nicely and are already displaying their leaping abilities. The monkeys seem to be a chatty group so far. “When they aren’t pleased with each other, they sometimes make clucking or clicking sounds, which are interesting to hear,” Gorilla Forest Supervisor Jill Katka said. Colobus monkeys are arboreal (tree-dwelling); they love to climb and have a diet consisting vegetables like onions, potatoes and broccoli and leaves from plants like forsythia, serviceberry and other “browse” collected on Zoo grounds.

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  • Male from Los Angeles Zoo
  • 1.5 years old
  • Arrived February 23, 2019
  • Exhibit Viewing: on rotation in the NEW Snow Leopard Pass exhibit located near Tiger Taiga in the Glacier Run Zone.

Meru joins snow leopards Kimti and NeeCee on rotation in the new Snow Leopard Pass exhibit! Assistant Mammal curator Michael Jones said, “He is a big boy; he will be the largest of three snow leopards here in Louisville.” Meru arrived in Louisville via a UPS air cargo plane. Michael accompanied Meru during the flight to Louisville, jump seating with the UPS aircraft crew. The last several weeks before Meru’s arrival, Michael worked directly with UPS staff for clearance with FAA and Home Land Security regulations as well as going through jump seat training. A special thanks to UPS for generously offering to move Meru from LAX to SDF. That’s what you might call a “wild ride!”

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NEW Exhibits


Now Open!

Sit on the newly expanded outdoor dining patio, munch on delicious goodies served from the African Outpost and observe beautiful colobus monkeys and Schmidt’s red-tailed monkeys, as they leap and swing from place to place within their new habitat or even cross directly overhead as you walk through the Zoo.

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Now Open!

Located near Tiger Taiga, the new snow leopard habitat will be sure to wow you! This new space offers our snow leopards an engaging new environment.

The habitat will transport you to a small Himalayan village in Nepal and provide information about the elusive snow leopard — plus you’ll learn how villagers are striving to live in balance with the snow leopard to support conservation of the species.

The “village” also includes The Cub House, presented by PNC, an education and event facility that is open for pre-registered classes and activities.

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