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Week 32: Bonding Time


Kindi rides Kweli’s back

Kindi and her surrogate gorilla mom Kweli continue to spend time together bonding and learning about each other. While you might see them both in Gorilla Forest now and then, they still do not have a regularly scheduled daily rotation with the other gorilla groups.

So what’s going on in Kindi’s world right now?

Kindi has become an expert at riding on Kweli’s back, her primary mode of transportation through the exhibit spaces. She is also spending more and more time exploring the indoor and outdoor spaces in Gorilla Forest under Kweli’s close and watchful eyes. Kindi seems to be enjoying fruits like grapes and pears during her bottle time. She now has some molars and shows interest in chewing on the variety of fruits and veggies keepers toss into the exhibit to enable the gorillas to forage.


Kindi spends time bonding with Kweli

Kindi and Kweli are acclimating more and more to new routines alongside neighboring gorillas Mshindi and Paki, members of their original family group. By neighboring, we mean that wherever Kindi and Kweli are located, Mshindi and Paki aren’t far away.  The pairs are deliberately positioned to be either adjacent to each other in the sanctuary or within view of each other. When you see Kindi and Kweli in the dayroom, Mshindi and Paki might be in a neighboring exhibit space visible across the sanctuary hall or in a behind-the-scenes area separated by mesh — sharing sights, sounds and smells.


Kindi plays peak-a-boo with the camera

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