Shoes for Water, Donate Shoes Save Lives Poster


Did you know that in a lot of other places around the world, and even in some parts of the United States, water is not available in large amounts?

Many people don’t have water for the “extra” things that are fun and convenient, like filling up pools, flushing toilets and watering flowers. In many areas of the world, people have a difficult time just getting enough clean water to drink each day. The water might be polluted and cause illness. They may have to spend hours each day walking to collect water for their families. This takes time away from doing things like going to school or working.

Organizations such as WaterStep help provide safe water to communities in developing countries. The Louisville Zoo has a collection box for shoes that we donate to WaterStep. Donated shoes support clean water projects in communities around the world.

Learn about more of the Zoo’s sustainability efforts here.