Walking for Animals — L.A. to Louisville  

Dr. Monica Metzdorf is a pediatric urologist in Los Angeles, CA who has witnessed first-hand the suffering so many have experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic. She has two passions – helping her patients and the lives of animals, fish and wildlife.

Seeing how the pandemic is impacting zoos and aquariums across the country, Dr. Monica wanted to offer assistance and awareness for the institutions that provide for the basic needs of animals when no one, or a limited number of people, can come to visit them. So, she started walking.

Not a trained athlete, Dr. Monica walked from the L.A. Zoo to the Aquarium of the Pacific to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park – a total of 129 miles – to promote awareness for the work of these 3 organizations. In total, she raised $4,000 for each of these organizations and an additional $3,300 that was to be divided among accredited organizations. A total of 33 zoos and aquariums, including your Louisville Zoo, were the recipients of her efforts.

When she sent her donation to us, she encouraged us to share her story with you – our dedicated friends and supporters to thank you for your help supporting the daily needs of the animals at the Louisville Zoo. She also hopes her story inspires someone else to dream big and make a difference for the Louisville Zoo.


To discuss how you can support your Zoo, please email Kelly.Grether@Louisvilleky.gov.