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When you come to the Zoo – we help save animals, together.


A portion of your membership ($1) and all general admission tickets ($0.25) goes directly toward conservation efforts at the Zoo and in the wild.


Enjoy keeper talks, camps and free online resources to learn why saving animals is important and what you can do at home and in your community.


Spread the word at school, on social media, at work and with friends that we all have a part to play in saving animals together.

Meet a few of the animals you help save…


Polar Bear at the Louisville Zoo
The dramatic rescue of Qannik, an abandoned polar bear cub found in an oil field in Alaska, brought the plight of this threatened species home to Louisville. Today, Qannik and her friends in Glacier Run help Zoo visitors learn about the effects of climate change firsthand.

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Flamingo at the Louisville Zoo
Chilean flamingos have been part of our collection since the Louisville Zoo opened in 1969, and today our flock includes two of those original inhabitants. The three species native to South America’s highlands — Chilean, Andean and Puna (James’s) flamingos — are threatened by mining and unregulated tourism.

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Gorilla eats in the outside yard
Louisville is one of several AZA-accredited zoos that support a range of gorilla conservation projects. The award-winning Gorilla Forest is home to nine western lowland gorillas including Kindi, who overcame tremendous odds after a difficult birth to become a symbol of hope for this critically endangered species.

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Native to the South American grasslands and scrub forests, the maned wolf is a new addition to the AZA S.A.F.E. program. With fewer than 5,000 believed to exist outside of Brazil, they are listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN and endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Black-Footed Ferret
Less than 50 years ago, black-footed ferrets were thought to be extinct. Today, the Louisville Zoo is one of six institutions helping to revitalize the population through a managed breeding and reintroduction program. Be sure to say hello to our black-footed ferret ambassador animal in the MetaZoo.

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