Zebra and Horse

It’s a Zebra!

“It’s a Zebra!” was the catch phrase at the Louisville Zoo on May 17, 1984 when  quarter horse, Kelley, gave birth to Zebra E.Q., through an embryo transfer.

The birth represented the first successful embryo transfer from an exotic to domestic equine. While all births are cause for celebration, this zebra birth was an important step toward preserving endangered species. The procedure was performed in cooperation with the Louisville Zoo and Equine Services, Simponsville, KY.  Veterinarian William R. Foster, DVM and Equine Specialist Scott D. Bennett, DVM transferred the zebra embryo.

E.Q. left the Louisville Zoo in 1985, but made two brief return visits in 1985 and 1989.  He died at the Houston Zoo in 1999.