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School at the Zoo: Shelby Week Two

How exciting to welcome the second group from Shelby Elementary on Monday, December 12! Zoo educators made some changes to the schedule to accommodate their 4-day week. We had a lot of fun and learning packed into four days!

Since the school would not be coming on Friday, we started off Monday with our Conservation Class and a walk to Gorilla Forest.

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Tuesday we had a special visit with “Ralphie” our Virginia Opossum as we learned about producers and consumers.

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We went to the Commissary to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Zoo animals get fed. It may have been cold outside, but it was a lot colder in the freezer! We continued our day with Madagascar Hissing Cockroach observations and a walk to the African Area.

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Wednesday we learned about ecosystems of the world and visited with an armadillo and White’s tree frog!

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Thursday was our last day and it was COLD!! We learned about biomimicry, continued to work on our biomimicry design projects and saw the Amur tiger, Grizzly bears and Sea lions being trained.

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