shelby elementary girl looks at ants

School at the Zoo: Shelby Day Two

We were so excited to see the smiling faces of returning Shelby Elementary School students on Tuesday November 15th.

Students in Ms. Diane’s group studied ecosystems today. Students got an up close encounter with our opossum Ralphie and our three banded armadillo Primo. They also visited our HerpAquarium and observed our white alligator King Louie and our impressive reticulated pythons.

Students in Ms. Kathleen’s group discussed different types of consumers (carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores). They also learned about photosynthesis and how plants make their own sugars using energy from the sun. Students in this group enjoyed visiting our commissary kitchen today-where we prepare food for the Zoo animals.  They also enjoyed feeding and interacting with the birds at Lorikeet Landing.

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