roosevelt perry student pets lizard

School at the Zoo: Roosevelt Perry Day Two

Ms. Kathleen’s group studied the topic of consumers today and how animals get energy from what they eat. They were able to see and touch real animal skulls and teeth of carnivores and herbivores.   They also were visited in class by our lop eared rabbit (herbivore) and corn snake (carnivore).  They also discussed how plants get energy from the sun’s energy through photosynthesis.

tuesday-snake tuesday-rabbit
Ms. Kathleen’s group also got the opportunity to see the commissary kitchen today, where we store and prepare food for our big eaters at the Zoo.  They enjoyed a long Zoo walk-seeing Giraffes, our white rhino, elephants, and African lions too. As a special treat to wrap up the day-the students got to visit the goats in our Boma petting zoo.

tuesday-goat1 tuesday-goat

Ms. Karen’s group studied ecosystems around the world today. They discussed what living and nonliving things are found in ecosystems and what makes our  “temperate deciduous forest” home unique.  They were visited in class by a bearded dragon and a three-banded armadillo.

tuesday-dragon tuesday-armadillo
Students visited our HerpAquarium and saw many ectohermic (cold blooded) animals from different ecosystems around the world.  They also visited our lorikeets and wallabies.

tuesday-lorikeet tuesday-lorikeet-3

tuesday-lorikeet4 tuesday-lorikeet5

Finally, both groups continued looking at ants today and discussing the structures they ants have to solve challenges in their lives.