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School at the Zoo: Portland Day Five

School at the Zoo students are always eager to see are the gorillas! Monday through Thursday the students ask “will we see them today?” and slyly our educators will answer “no, not today”-knowing that we always save the best for last!

friday-gorilla friday-hippo

So it was with excited eyes and bountiful anticipation that our Portland students visited Gorilla Forest today.  After working on our observation/science skills all week the students spend about 20 minutes with the gorillas discussing their behaviors and asking questions.

Another big surprise for today was a ride on our Conservation Carousel.  We had a lot of fun.

friday-carousel2 friday-carousel

Both groups discussed conservation today and how they, as children, can help protect the planet. The students had a ton of great ideas like recycling, “handing down” old toys and clothes when they were finished with them, and planting trees!  We are so proud to see their dedication to keeping the earth and all of its inhabitants healthy!

friday-ferret friday-python friday-ferret3 friday-ferret2 friday-python2

We wrapped up our day with an orangutan keeper talk.
Each child received a certificate saying they had completed their week of School at the Zoo and our teachers received some beautiful cards filled with love and thanks from the students.

What a rewarding week for us all!