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School at the Zoo: Goldsmith Day Two

Today was the coldest and rainiest day we have had so far for School at the Zoo! The Goldsmith students were in such good spirits and such good sports despite the soggy conditions.

Today Ms. Kathleen’s group explored the topic of “produces” and “consumers” an visited our commissary kitchen where we prepare food for the animals every day. In class, they were visited by a snake and a tegu lizard. They also enjoyed a visit with the giraffes.

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Ms. Wanda’s group discussed different ecosystems around the world and compared them to our own temperate deciduous forest. In class students were visited by a bearded dragon and three banded armadillo. Our Zoo walk today was to the HerpAquarium were the students had to solve “Ecosystem Mystery” puzzles.  The students enjoyed seeing our poison dart frogs, reticulated pythons, and vampire bats.  In the afternoon we played a game of “leaf relay” where the students competed in recognizing and memorizing some of the most prominent leaves from trees native to Kentucky. They also took part in a silent scavenger hunt around our pond.