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School at the Zoo: Goldsmith Day Three

Temperatures are dropping fast as we move through the week with Goldsmith. Luckily the students are bundled up and ready for walking around in the chilly weather. Ms. Wanda’s group headed to our Glacier Run classroom where today they were visited by a chinchilla and a gecko in class.


Students were able to see our keeper staff train the grizzly bears, amur tigers, and sea lions today. We discussed how many inventors have been inspired by nature and started some brainstorming on what sort of “super powers” animals possess that we do not.


Ms. Kathleen’s group focused on ecosystems today. In class they saw an armadillo and bearded dragon. They visited our HerpAquarium today and observed our black piranha, American alligator , and giant cane toads.  They also visited the petting zoo today.

bearded armadillo boma