Cochran students sit on ground

School at the Zoo: Cochran Day Three

As we all know, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Such was the case today for Ms. Wanda’s group who had planned on spending the day in our Glacier Run classroom.  Yesterday we discovered our Glacier Run keeper staff would be cleaning the sea lion pool and wouldn’t be able to facilitate training demonstrations for the students.  So we have rescheduled our Glacier Run visit to Friday.

Ms. Wanda’s students discussed conservation today and how kids can help the planet. In class they saw a ball python, a white’s tree frog, and a domestic ferret.  On their Zoo walk-students visited our Gorilla Forest sanctuary where they were able to see our baby gorilla “Kindi” up close. We also visited our Boma Petting Zoo.

gorilla2 gorilla3

gorilla goat
Students in Ms. Karen’s group studied ecosystems around the world today and their living/nonliving components.  In class they saw a bearded dragon (desert ecosystem) and a three banded armadillo (rainforest ecosystem). They visited our HerpAquarium and saw our white alligator King Louie, vampire bats, and our reticulated pythons. They also went to the African Area and visited the goats at the petting zoo.

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