School at the Zoo: Cochran Day One

The education department at the Louisville Zoo welcomed Cochran Elementary School for their first day of School at the Zoo on Monday, November 28th.

Our educators this week are Ms. Wanda (Lipscomb) and Ms. Karen (Parker).

Today the students discussed the Next Generation Science Standard  terms “Structure” and “Function”.  The students observed a hedgehog and cockroach in class and pointed out which structures these animals have and how those structures are used for survival.

img_2981 class
cockroach hedgehog
The students visited our Islands exhibit today where they saw fruit bats, orangutans, and little penguins.

img_2982 img_2983


We were also treated to a special raptor presentation by our Docent volunteers. During the presentation we saw a great horned owl, a black vulture, and our red tail hawk.


Today they also looked at ants up close using magnifying glasses. They found specific structures like antennae and mandibles.

img_2986 img_2987