Cochran students sit in front of orangutan exhibit

School at the Zoo: Cochran Day Five

Today We closed out our week with Cochran with Ms. Wanda’s group in the Glacier Run classroom.  The students had the opportunity to watch pinniped (sea lions/seal) and bear training. In class, the students saw a chinchilla and a gecko up close.  They also saw our snowy owls  and Stellar’s sea eagles.  In the afternoon they worked on their engineering design process, as they try to invent a useful tool that is inspired by animals.


Ms. Karen’s group discussed conservation today and how they can help the planet. Students were visited by a tree frog and ball python in class. They also had the opportunity to spend some time in our Gorilla Forest sanctuary.

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Both groups got the opportunity to talk with our orangutan keeper today and ask her questions about the apes and what it is like to work with them.  Teak the orangutan was very interested in the sign language interpreter!

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As a treat the students took a ride on our Conservation Carousel before heading back to school. We look forward to being a part of their literacy night in March 2017!

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