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Polar Bears International: News From Churchill

Dispatch from the Tundra Courtesy Of PBI

Temperatures remained unseasonably warm around Churchill throughout Polar Bear Week, hovering just below freezing during the day. Still, a bitter windchill is just beginning to accelerate the sluggish formation of ice along the coast of the Hudson Bay, and the bears have begun to test the edges hopefully.

You can check in on the bears on our live Polar Bear Cam, with moms and cubs, sparring males, buggy love, and more!

During our last week of Tundra Connections for the season, we’ll discuss the role of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in studying polar bears and their Arctic habitat.

Our panelists will talk about connections between polar bears and penguins, crack the curious case of the “grolar” bear, take you on a virtual tour of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, and answer your questions from around the world!

This week, Lance Rougeaux (Director of the Discovery Educator Network) will moderate a panel of scientists including behavioral ecologist Dr. Megan Owen, climate modeling specialist Dr. Kyle Armour, and biologist Dr. Nicholas Pilfold.

More informal live chats will focus on the similarities and differences between the 19 polar bear populations around the Arctic, and the role of technology in studying wild polar bears.

As polar bear season continues, please help us take action on climate and round out an inspiring Polar Bear Week by signing our petition for polar bears and making a pledge to reduce your carbon footprint!

We thank you for your continued support.


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