Wings of the World Bird Show 2017

Returning for 2017 Season. Opens May 20.

All shows are weather permitting and subject to change without notice

DSC_0888Free with Zoo admission, this “free flight” presentation weaves conservation messages with spectacular behaviors and personal stories about the animals. Shows may include a bateleur eagle, black vulture, Andean condor, sarus crane, kookaburra or rose-breasted cockatoo! “Wings of the World” is created by Joe Krathwohl “The Birdman®”.

Some species you may see include:

Andean condor, bateleur eagle, augur buzzard, Eurasian eagle-owl, sarus crane, silvery-cheeked hornbill, trumpeter hornbill, laughing kookaburra, pied crow, Aplomado falcon, black vulture, turkey vulture, Harris’ hawk, European barn owl, green-winged macaw, red-fronted macaw, harlequin macaw, double yellow-headed amazon, rose-breasted cockatoo.*

Meet a few of the show’s stars!

Vicki the Andean condor


Bateleur eagle Sheeba


Rose-breasted cockatoo Rosie


*Birds subject to change without notice

All voluntary donations made during the bird show go to support The Condor Fund, which utilizes its trained condors to spread the message of condor protection and conservation and also focuses on legislation and conservation breeding of rare species to help them survive the destruction of their natural ranges.

The Condor Fund is sharing a portion of this summer’s donations with The Grand Canyon Condor Cliffs facility operated by the Peregrine Fund and the Programa Conservacion del Condor Andino. 

Click for more information about the Condor Fund.