Mikki and Calf Blog - Issue #3

Mikki and Calf Blog #3 – Exploring

The birth of African elephant Mikki’s calf is important in helping to contribute to a genetically sustainable elephant population in accredited zoos. Learn more about the significance of Mikki’s calf, Zoo conservation efforts and our conservation partners here.

Our little calf is almost three weeks old! If you’ve been following the Louisville Zoo on social media, you know that Mikki and calf are still bonding behind the scenes. This means lots of nursing, napping, playing and quiet time! Mikki is losing her baby weight – she’s 8,025 pounds, down from 9,100. Right now, her diet consists hay, grain and produce. Her calf is now 290 pounds and as rambunctious as ever. He’s trying some of mom’s food as well as running, playing and discovering all the things that he can do with a long nose and big elephant ears.

Over the weekend, Asian elephant Punch spent some time exploring the great outdoors for the first time since she became an “aunt.” Mikki and calf have also explored outside while the Zoo is closed to visitors. The calf seemed ready to experience all the new sounds, sights and smells; the elephant care team said he had no hesitation about going outside. However, he stayed close to mom while he inspected the sandy outdoor spaces.

Calf, mom Mikki and “aunt” Punch are still bonding while the elephant care team continues its diligent watch over the herd. Birth to weaning is a critical stage in an elephant’s life, so we want to make sure that the calf continues to be active, interested in what is going on around it, and is attentive to Mikki.  As with any of the Zoo’s animals, we let them show us when they are ready for each new step. Mikki and calf still aren’t on exhibit just yet, but guests may see elephant Punch at varying times. You can get the latest updates by following us on social media #mikkiandcalf and #mikkisjourney. You can also see daily updates on viewing select animals like elephant Punch at LouisvilleZoo.org/today.

Details on our naming contest are coming soon – so think about the names you want to submit!

Did you know? In Africa, elephants are at significant risk due to poaching and loss of habitat. Elephant habitat is disappearing due to human development, agriculture, logging and mining. Learn what you can do to help at 96elephants.org.

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