Mikki and Calf Blog #2 – Bonding

Mikki and calf are still enjoying bonding time behind the scenes in the elephant barn. Punch, our Asian elephant, also continues to be off exhibit to bond with her new herd member.

When our calf was last weighed, he was 280 pounds. However, the scale measures in five-pound increments (because it measures some very heavy animals!) so, we won’t notice very small changes within the five-pound threshold. Generally, a few weeks after the birth, elephant calves will lose a little weight as they acclimate to the “outside” world and learn to nurse.  Our calf is now on the upswing.

The elephant herd is still on 24-hour watch by our dedicated keeper staff; this may continue for a period several months. Punch, the elephant herd’s matriarch, has been watching and listening to the calf’s progress and has been seen visiting the new calf. As the calf gets older, Punch will take on the aunt role and help the calf learn the “rules” of the herd.

Right now, our brave little calf is becoming more mobile. He’s learning how to control his trunk (useful and fun) and takes naps that range anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes. Mom Mikki is showing him the ropes, and he tags along wherever she goes.

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