Koala FAQ

Why are Dharuk and Telowie not together?
Koalas are naturally territorial and solitary animals, except during mating seasons. Dharuk and Telowie each have their own “bachelor pad,” meaning separate habitats with individual off-exhibit areas.

Will the koalas be part of a breeding program in the future?
Male koalas, Dharuk and Telowie, are part of the Species Survival Plan for the species in North America. Their transfer is part of that program.  We hope to host a breeding pair in the future.

Do Dharuk and Telowie have chlamydia?
All koalas in the U.S. are chlamydia-free, as they have been carefully raised and propagated in managed care..

Where did the koalas come from?
Dharuk and Telowie joined us from the San Diego Zoo in California.

How long are the koalas at the Louisville Zoo?
Koalas have joined as a permanent addition to the Zoo’s hosted species.  Dharuk and Telowie may be transferred in the future as part of the koala species management plan.  We hope to welcome a breeding pair of koalas in the future.

What is the best time to see the koalas?
Koalas can sleep up to 20 hours a day. If you’re hoping to see Dharuk or Telowie be more active, your best chances are during the early mornings or late afternoons.

Why are the koalas indoors?
The specially designed indoor habitat is climate-controlled and allows the koalas access to an outdoor, off-exhibit space.

Why didn’t Dharuk and Telowie have to complete a 30-day quarantine?
The newly renovated indoor habitat allows the koalas to safely complete their quarantine while on exhibit, enabling a seamless transition.

Will there be a Backstage Pass Experience with Dharuk or Telowie?
There is not a Backstage Pass Experience planned for the koalas at this time.

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