Gorilla Kindi Week 40 on Mother's Back

Kindi’s Journey Week 40: More Like Mom Every Day

Kindi looks at the camera

Photo by Louisville Zoo

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2016, we want to thank all of you for following our updates in the Kindi’s Journey scrapbook. It has been quite an adventure for Kindi and Kweli so far, and your support and participation in this journey has meant the world to all of us here at the Zoo.

In recent weeks, Kindi’s behaviors are becoming more like those of her mother Mia Moja. During bottle times at the mesh, Kindi sometimes takes hand held foods while hanging sideways or upside down. She is also very agile and energetic. This energy, along with her quick movements and tendency to hang upside down, delights guests and reminds keepers of the sweet Mia they cared for and knew well.
Kindi and surrogate mom Kweli continue to bond.

Kweli is wonderfully attentive to Kindi and has perfectly filled her role as a gorilla mom. She continues to keep a watchful eye on Kindi as the young gorilla exercises her ever-growing independence, now confidently climbing cargo nets and ropes. However, if Kindi gets too adventurous, Kweli will vocalize about it and Kindi makes sure to mind her surrogate mom.

Kindi Forages for food

Photo by Daniel Granger

The two are now in rotation with the other gorillas at Gorilla Forest. As with all our rotational exhibits, there is no set exhibit time for our animal ambassadors, so Kindi may not be on exhibit when you stop by. Remember, you can always check back later or even visit again and again. There’s always something different to see at the Zoo!

This edition marks our final scrapbook. However, we invite you to continue to get your Kindi updates and information in our monthly Kindi blog at louisvillezoo.org/kindi.

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