Wild Transformation Underway

Jaguar at Louisville Zoo

At the Louisville Zoo, we are passionate about wildlife conservation, and we have some important news to share about our jaguar exhibit:

Jaguars: A Species in Need
Jaguars are facing serious threats in the wild. We are proud members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), dedicated to conserving this magnificent species.

A Collaborative Approach to Conservation
Jaguars are managed as a single population throughout North America.
Our goal is to provide exemplary care for each individual and secure the genetic health of the managed jaguar population. We actively participate in the Jaguar Species Survival Plan (SSP) to achieve these goals.

Guided by Conservation Experts
The Jaguar SSP closely monitors all individual jaguars. Recommendations on transfers for socialization, welfare improvements, breeding pairs are made to ensure a strong future for jaguars. It is critical for AZA zoos like ours to support these recommendations for the sustainability of the population.

Lebron’s Special Mission
Lebron, our cherished jaguar, has been recommended by the SSP for an important mission. He has been transferred to Little Rock Zoo for companionship with their female and any possible future breeding recommendations, contributing to the preservation of this incredible species.

A New Beginning for Our Exhibit
At Louisville, we are committed to raising the bar for animal welfare. Lebron’s departure provides an ideal opportunity to reevaluate the species living in this habitat. Based on ever-increasing welfare standards, we’ve decided to create a dynamic and spacious red panda habitat in this space.

What to Expect from the New Red Panda Habitat
The new red panda facility will offer year-round outdoor viewing for red pandas. It will include specialized bedroom spaces for potential breeding opportunities as well as some exciting and immersive VIP tour possibilities!

More Updates Early 2024
Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting transformation, and join us in our commitment to wildlife conservation!