Geriatric Camel Olivia Passes Away

CONTACT: Kyle Shepherd
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Geriatric dromedary camel Olivia passed away Monday night around 9 p.m. Olivia was 29 years old. The median age for camels is 17.8 years. Olivia has been at the Zoo since 1989. Olivia was solely an exhibit animal and never a part of the Zoo’s camel ride attraction.

Zoo keepers had been monitoring Olivia closely the last few days as she had become lethargic and had lost appetite. Unfortunately, she did not respond to veterinary treatments and supportive care.

A post mortem examination was performed and final results as to cause of death are pending.

About Dromedary Camels

Once native to North Africa and the Middle East, the dromedary camel has one hump and the Bactrian camel has two. Dromedary camels exist today only as a domesticated animal. Camels were domesticated more than 3000 years ago. Known as the “ships of the desert,” camels are used for transporting humans and supplies in arid environments. They have amazing adaptations to life in an arid climate.  Dromedary camels can be 5.9 to 6.6 feet tall at their shoulder and weigh between 880 to 1320 pounds.


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