banner - Construction update at the Louisville Zoo, penguin cove, shows whole area with shade cover, visitor viewing area,

Construction Update: Almost there!

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The penguin exhibit is 95% complete. The pool has been filled with 13,000 gallons of fresh water for the Little Penguins (also known as Fairy penguins). The next step is getting the pool filtration in place. The penguin aquatic life support system is much like the seal and sea lion pool at Glacier Run. The water will be run through a series of sand filters. For penguins, chlorine disinfection is also needed. There is also an 1,800 gallon holding pool in the behind-the-scenes area that will also be filtered and disinfected. Fans are currently being installed for cooling in the summer. Of course, the biggest step of all will be getting the penguins acclimated, but first we will have to completely finish the exhibit before the penguins can even arrive!

As for the elephant renovation, we are nearly there as well. Contractors are currently finishing props in the area (painting, themed items, etc). The gate for the training wall will be installed shortly. Once the gate is installed, Mikki and Punch will be able to experience the newer part of their yard!

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