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World Bongo Day

May 31, 2021

Photo by Bill Wine

Join us for World Bongo Day on May 31 as we raise awareness for conservation efforts to save the critically endangered eastern bongo, also known as the mountain bongo.

We’ll be celebrating virtually on social media with a video interview featuring veteran bongo keeper Silvia Zirkelbach as she discusses the Zoo’s bongos and the struggles bongos face in the remnant wild.

Wild eastern bongos are now confined to four remote areas in Kenya and their population has dropped to about 140 individuals in 2021.

Due to their excellent camouflage, tracking and locating bongos is incredibly difficult despite being the world’s largest forest antelope. The Bongo Surveillance Project started World Bongo Day to help bring awareness to their network of individuals and local communities working to create a more secure future for these amazing animals.

The Louisville Zoo and other accredited zoos also maintain a population of these critically endangered forest antelope, an important step in safeguarding the continued survival of this precious species. Since 1985, the Louisville Zoo has welcomed 18 bongo calves into the world.

You can visit our bongos, including a new male bongo calf, in the Louisville Zoo Africa Zone!



May 31, 2021