Cochran students sit in front of orangutan exhibit

Group Tours

Explore the Zoo in a whole new way with guided interpretive tours of our award-winning exhibits. These 60-minute walking tours will introduce your students to the natural history and biology of the amazing animals at the Zoo. Students hear personal stories about our animals and discover the conservation efforts in place to help preserve their native habitats.

Programs are for grades K–12, choose from the following:


Students will learn the basic characteristics of animals belonging to the Order of Primates, their social organization, and classification. This walk will introduce students to the various species of primates found at the Louisville Zoo with a specific emphasis on our Gorilla and Orangutan species.

Giants of Africa

Students will compare and contrast characteristics of large animals naturally found in vast African plains. This walk will introduce students to special adaptations of Rhinoceros, Elephants and Giraffes.

Cats of the World

Students will observe similarities and differences among species of cats, both pantherines and felines. The walk will introduce students to common body structures among felids and different characteristics of several species with emphasis on Lion, Tiger, and Jaguar.