Education at the Louisville Zoo

School Programs

Temporarily Suspended for 2020.

The Louisville Zoo plays a vital role in helping to develop an appreciation for and a sense of responsibility toward the magnificent animals and plant life. This living classroom contains some of the largest and rarest animals found on our planet. It is the role of the Louisville Zoo Education Department to share these wonders by increasing an awareness of natural history, conservation issues and interrelationships among living things.

Knowledge and appreciation of wild creatures will be a decisive factor in the survival of these animals and their habitats.

What to Expect

A Zoo visit is primarily an outdoor walking experience. Our Zoo includes hills of varying grades as well as open terrain and shaded areas. Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable footwear.

Schools can choose from a number of options including the following:
(Reservations are required for all these programs)

PRICES (plus tax where applicable)
Students cannot use their Zoo memberships to avoid field trip fees.  Non-registered chaperones will be charged general admission fees or will need to use their memberships.
Apri to Oct. Nov. Dec. to Feb. Mar.
 Pre-Registered Self-Guided Field Trip  (Student/Chaperone) $8 $6 $5 $6
 Walk-Up Self-Guided Field Trip
(ANY field trip without a reservation – Student/Chaperone)
$10 $10 $10 $10
 ADD-ON EXPERIENCES (Reservation Only)
 Guided Tour for Students (in addition to field trip admission fee. Teachers and chaperones FREE) $2 $2 $2 $2
 Class Experiences and Field Studies
(admission in included in this price)
$14 $14 $14 $14

Field Trip 

Teachers, chaperones and students can visit the Zoo on their own. Introduce your students to a wild adventure by registering for a self-guided field trip! Self-guided field trips are a great way to see the Zoo at your own pace while you enjoy the Zoo’s engaging animal ambassadors and their dynamic habitats.

Classroom Animal Adoptions

Invite your students to help raise funds to help preserve precious species.

Zoo to You Outreach Programs

We bring the Zoo to you! These one-hour presentations offer a blend of science and language arts through the use of engaging stories, natural history and up close animal encounters.

School at the Zoo

A unique all-day, week-long program held during the Zoo’s off season.