Single Day Camps

Dates: November 6, 7 & 22, 2023
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day
Ages: 1 – 3 grade
Cost: $70 Members / $75 Nonmembers (per day)
Capacity: 15 children per group

Sold out! November 6: Keeper Camp

Have you ever wanted to be a Zoo keeper? From cleaning to training to keeper talks — the keepers at our Louisville Zoo are always working to ensure the health, happiness and safety of our animal ambassadors. In this camp, explore what being a keeper means in a one-day crash course!

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Sold out! November 7: Vet Camp

Have you ever wanted to be a vet at a zoo? Zoo veterinarians are at the forefront of the veterinary medical field as they deal with issues big and small, known and unknown! In this one-day crash course, discover what a “normal” day looks like for our talented vet staff!

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November 22: Creatures and Creations

Stop by to find out about some of the most creative creatures on our planet! From dazzling webs to intricate dams, all across the globe animals are creating beautiful, cobbled together, or downright strange structures that help them survive! In this camp, we will discuss why so many animals create things and discover what many of these look like!

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