Winter Break Camps

Safari Winter Day Camps 2021 (In-Person!)

Ramped up the fun for winter 2021! With smaller class sizes, enhanced zoo experiences and safety measures our new, in-person camp programs are the perfect choice for families who want to give their child a fun, safe, camp experience this winter.

All camp groups will have the opportunity to experience the Zoo’s attractions including the carousel, traveling exhibitions, exclusive experiences, and enjoy up-close encounters with our small animal ambassadors! After-care is included in all camp programs. Plus, this year we’ve extended our services to include curbside drop off and pick up for all families.

Arctic Adaptations

This winter, come join us for a bear-y good time at the Louisville Zoo as we learn about cold weather animal adaptations around the globe. Campers will explore the zoo as we learn about cold weather animals, get up close with our small animal ambassadors and participate in games and activities. Please remember to send your camper with a lunch and one or two snacks. Make sure they have in weather-appropriate clothing (including outerwear)! We will be spending as much of our day outside as possible.

Cost: $70 Members / $75 Nonmembers per day
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. per day

Dates: December 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29
Ages: 6 – 8

Dec. 20: Cold Weather Birds
Explore avian adaptations as we learn about the Louisville Zoo’s resident cold weather birds. We will learn the answers to questions like what makes penguins such good swimmers and why are snowy owls white.

Dec. 21: Grizzly Bears
Also known as brown bears, grizzly bears are the second largest bear in the world. Spend the day with us as we observe the Louisville Zoo’s resident grizzlies and discover how adaptable they really are.

Dec. 22: Snow Leopards
This wintery big cat is designed to thrive in their high mountain home. Join us in learning about how snow leopards adapted into masters of their harsh environment.

Dec. 27: Pinnipeds
Marine mammals like seals and sea lions are specially adapted to survive their underwater environment. Join us in observing the differences in these two underwater species as we learn more about how they use their flippers and fins.

Dec. 28: Polar Bears
Join us as we explore the adaptations that allow the world’s largest bear species to thrive in their harsh tundra home. We will spend time observing the Louisville Zoo’s resident polar bears and compare them to their grizzly bear cousins.

Dec. 29: Amur Tigers
Known as the largest feline in the world, the Amur tiger is one cool cat. Spend the day observing the Louisville Zoo’s resident tigers and explore what makes them suited to the taiga and not the jungle.

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