Donor spotlight photo: Julia Meredith

Donor Spotlight: Julia Meredith

“We give because we cannot imagine there not being a Zoo to enjoy.”

Julia Meredith has been a fan of the Louisville Zoo since our very beginning. “My family has been coming to the Zoo since it opened. I have seen the Zoo and the various exhibits grow. It is truly amazing how far the Zoo has come in its 50 years.”

Julia started visiting frequently as a child and later with classmates on school field trips. This exposure early in life helped form her into an avid animal and zoo lover. “I love animals. I love learning about them and watching them. Getting outside and walking through the Zoo is a great chance to relax. It is a great opportunity to spend time with your family.”

Supporting the Louisville Zoo is a part of who Julia has become as a person. “We give because we cannot imagine there not being a Zoo to enjoy.” For over a decade, Julia has supported the daily needs of the Zoo’s animals by making donations to the Louisville Zoo Fund. Then, starting a few years ago, she also began buying enrichment items for the animals from our wish list. “This is another opportunity to do something with the family. I let my goddaughters Evelyn and Emilia help me. They get to pick [items for the animals] and learn the value of giving. Then, we all get to come to the Zoo and watch the animals interact with the gift that they helped pick out. That is pretty awesome in my eyes.”

What’s this busy accountant’s favorite animal?

“Definitely elephant. I love elephants.” That’s why she and her family selected a large drum designed for elephants as a gift last year. This heavy-duty enrichment piece helps encourage species-specific behaviors and engage them mentally and physically within their environment.

Julia’s generosity has extended beyond the elephant drum with donations to several other animal areas. She shared that she’s thinking about the perfect gift from the wish list for the animals this holiday season, too!

Donors like Julia are a part of the Zoo family and we thank her for her continuing support.