Dino Quest

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Dinosaurs come alive June 26- September 19.

Not all dinosaurs are gone and buried underground, some are roaring and hungry at your Louisville Zoo! This summer the Louisville Zoo has partnered with DinoDon Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of scientifically accurate full-sized robotic dinosaurs. Sponsored by Great Clips; this new attraction is FREE with your Zoo admission! Come by to see 21 moving, breathing, roaring robotic dinosaurs who measure up to 40 ft. long. This event has been 200 million years in the making, so don’t miss out!

Dinosaur FAQ

Have questions about your dinosaur adventure? Get answers to our most frequently asked questions at the link below.

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Meet the dinosaurs!

Want to know if your favorite dinosaur is at the Zoo? Visit our “Meet the Dinos” page to see which amazing life-sized dinosaurs made it to your Zoo!

Meet the dinos…

Modern dinosaurs

Not all dinosaurs went extinct! Some evolved into some of the most unique animals we have today, and other animals lived side by side with dinosaurs and never went extinct. The Zoo houses some of these unique and ancient animals; the species may surprise you!

Modern Dinosaurs…

Dino Quest Map

View dinosaur locations and plan your route through the Zoo!

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