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Construction Update: Pathway Re-Opens!

Elephant Encounter

It has been an exciting week at the Zoo! On Friday, Sept. 4, the new guest walkway near camel, lion and elephants opened making these animal ambassadors once again accessible to Zoo guests!

Reminder: Construction is ongoing and may necessitate limited viewing of elephants from time to time. Viewing of zebras is currently still limited with baby Annette not on view for the time being.

Though construction isn’t fully complete, visitors will see some exciting new developments that are part of the elephant exhibit expansion set to debut in spring 2016. Guests can also enjoy an expanded walkway on the way to the African Outpost eatery!

elephant encounter

Pictured: Eastern view of the new Elephant Encounter wall and yard expansion. The path is now open to guests.

outpost before

African Outpost at start of construction (April 28)

african outpost

African Outpost at opening on path (Sept. 4, 2015)

Here is a before (photo taken April 28) and after view of the path to African Outpost. Four months has made a huge difference. Things that make you go “WOW!”

Penguin Cove

At Penguin Cove, the installation of the structure for the protective overhead netting is progressing. Check out the photos of our progress below. Or better yet, come on out for a visit this holiday weekend to see experience the new pathway and see progress first-hand!

penguin cove

Penguin Cove — netting structure progress


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