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Construction Update: Flooring for Animals Big and Small

Previously, we discussed updates to the elephant yard and a new penguin exhibit!

This week, we’ll go in-depth about why rubberized flooring was important in both new exhibits. Rubberized flooring was decided on for the health of our animals both big and small. Unique to our Zoo, elephant exhibit flooring will contain a super thick rubberized conveyor belt material. Our Zoo is the first to use this type of flooring. How’s that for innovative?

The Rubber floor in the elephant barn contains a half inch of fiber-reinforced rubber sheet (like the material used in industrial conveyor belts.) This layer rests on top of a 1-inch solid rubber floor. This setup enables us to replace the top layer if the fiber-reinforced sheet wears out. Our floors must be hefty and durable when it decorates the home of residents weighing between 5000 to 12,000 pounds! Meanwhile, our soon-to-be residents of the new Fairy penguin exhibit (who are light with tiny feet) will have their new digs outfitted with Permaflex! This material — used in basements for waterproofing and garage floor applications to seal floors —will be used in several layers to create a more cushioned surface over the artificial rockwork and walkway for future daily penguin marches in the public space!


Flooring for elephant exhibit


New structure in penguin exhibit with beachy terrain

Workers secure netting.


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