Wild Lights: Asian Lantern Festival Presented by T-Mobile Extended Through Sunday, Aug. 30 (Media Release)

The stunning Wild Lights: Asian Lantern Festival, presented by T-Mobile and sponsored by Ford and Republic Bank, has been extended for an additional weekend based on the overwhelming response from Louisville Zoo fans. The festival resumed on July 9 after the Zoo reopened and was set to run until Aug. 28 but will now be extended for an additional two days until Aug. 30 due to high demand and decreased capacities. Find Out More

Louisville Zoo Reveals Name of Addax Born in May (Media Release)

The Louisville Zoo has announced the name of their newest addition, the female addax that was born at the Zoo on Friday, May 8, during the COVID-19 pandemic closure. Louisville Zoo officials chose the name, Jira (JEE-RA), which translates to “anticipation” in Hausa. Hausa is the most widely spoken language in Niger, which is the only region where the addax remain today. Find Out More