A Kindi Family Update — July 11, 2019

At age 3, Kindi is definitely now looking more like a juvenile than an infant, but she is still as rambunctious as ever. Kindi and her surrogate mother Kweli are being slowly integrated into silverback Casey’s family group. The family … Find Out More

Mikki Monday : July 8, 2019

It’s #MikkiMonday! Mikki has entered the birthing window and staff are on 24-hour watch. We are now taking blood samples daily to monitor Mikki’s progesterone levels. Yesterday, her levels were still high. Once they drop to baseline, it means that Mikki may go into labor within a few days. At this stage of her pregnancy, Mikki is now carrying a calf that is over 200 lbs! Find Out More

Mikki Monday : June 24, 2019

We’ve been taking weekly blood samples from Mikki to monitor her progesterone levels, and soon, we will be taking daily blood samples. When her progesterone levels drop to baseline, this means that Mikki will be giving birth to her calf very soon! In Mikki’s previous pregnancy, she gave birth three days after her progesterone levels reached baseline. #MikkiMonday Find Out More

Mikki Monday : June 17, 2019

During Mikki’s pregnancy, we wanted to keep her weight gain to 500 pounds. Her daily walks with keepers have kept her well within her goal! Next time you’re at the Zoo, ask a keeper who walks with her about their own Fitbit numbers!  Find Out More

Mikki Monday : June 3, 2019

You thought your pregnancy was long? Pregnancy in elephants last approximately 659 days with a range of 612 to 699 days. Mikki’s previous gestation lasted 632 days. Can you imagine? Elephants are amazing! Find Out More

Mikki Monday : June 10, 2019

The staff will begin a 24-hour watch in June as we approach Mikki’s birth window. This allows Mikki and Punch to become used to the presence of staff in the barn at night, and it also helps us monitor Mikki. Find Out More

Mikki Monday : May 20, 2019

Training is a part of the animal healthcare program at the Zoo every day. Right now, Mikki is being trained to hold one of her front legs forward to simulate a nursing posture. And Mikki isn’t the only one who’s in training! Find Out More