Kindi’s First Birthday : March 14, 2017

Assistant Mammal Curator Jill Katka gives an interview with Headline News about Kindi’s first year progress. Kindi and Kweli enjoy special enrichment treats for Kindi’s birthday. Watch the videos below!

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Week 36: Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, we wanted to say how THANKFUL we are for everyone who has been following Kindi’s Journey with us these 36 weeks! Together, we have watched Kindi grow from an orphaned infant gorilla hand raised by our … Find Out More

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Week 32: Bonding Time

Kindi and her surrogate gorilla mom Kweli continue to spend time together bonding and learning about each other. While you might see them both in Gorilla Forest now and then, they still do not have a regularly scheduled daily rotation … Find Out More

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Week 28: Kindi’s New Mom

A lot has happened since we last checked in and we are happy to report that Kindi has found her new gorilla surrogate mom. Meet Kweli! Kweli is a part of the gorilla family that includes Silverback Mshindi, female Paki … Find Out More

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Week 24: Kindi’s Throwback Thursday

As we prepared you for in recent blog entries, Kindi is now off exhibit while she is in the process of being introduced to her gorilla surrogate in the quiet and comfort of their bedroom/off exhibit spaces. For this blog, … Find Out More

Week 18: Moving to New Digs!

Thus far, after hours Kindi has been living in Gorilla Forest in a dedicated nursery space specifically designed to meet the needs of a newborn gorilla. This space included a small mesh door, called a ‘howdy door’ adjoining the gorillas’ … Find Out More

Week 16: It’s Playtime!

That’s right… it’s time to play! The dictionary defines play as to “engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” While scientists and animal behaviorists can’t say exactly why animals play, they believe the … Find Out More