photo - 2 black caterpillars w/black, grey, white, yellow dotted stripes, while sitting on a green stem, you can see its very tiny feet (?) that help them crawl along

Butterfly Life Cycle

Click for a butterfly life cycle coloring sheet!

Stage One: Egg
The first stage of a butterfly’s life is a very small oval, round, or cylindrical egg, depending on the species of butterfly.

Stage Two: Caterpillar
When the egg hatches, a “larva” or “caterpillar” emerges. Caterpillars must grow quickly, so they eat continually.

Stage Three: Chrysalis
When the caterpillar reaches full size, they form into a “chrysalis” or “pupa.” Inside, they are undergoing a transformation or “metamorphosis.” The parts we recognize as a butterfly are beginning to form.

Stage Four: Butterfly
The adult butterfly emerges from the chrysalis with its soft wings folded about its body. After a rest period, the butterfly pumps blood into its wings and begins to fly.

See the butterflies metamorphosis in action. Take a peak at our chrysalid area when you visit the Butterflies n’ Blooms exhibit!