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How You Can Help Wildlife and People Impacted by the Bushfires in Australia

From Louisville Zoo Director John Walczak:

Like many of you, our thoughts are with the people and wildlife of Australia. Many people have contacted us, and accredited zoos across the country, to ask how they can help. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) community has remained in close contact with the CEO of Zoos Victoria in Australia who are monitoring the terrible situation impacting Australian wildlife. Their director has informed our zoo community that while the fires are located at a distance from their zoos, their veterinary teams have been sent to the fire areas to set up triage and critical care facilities. The care will continue for the long-term recovery, as surviving animals will likely have little to no food or shelter available to them in their native ranges.

Here are some ways that you can help today: 

Zoos Victoria Logo - Fighting Extinction

Louisville Zoo Conservation Fund,
Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund

Your Zoo has committed $1,000 of our Conservation Fund toward the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. The updates the Louisville Zoo receives from our colleagues at Zoos Victoria and AZA help us ensure that our contribution is being made in the most effective way possible to make a positive impact during this unprecedented tragedy. We are extremely grateful for the inquiries from community members who want to help. If you would like to contribute to the Louisville Zoo’s Conservation Fund to specifically help Australian wildlife affected by the fires, donate below. We will ensure that 100% of your gift is sent to Zoos Victoria for the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. Your gift to the Louisville Zoo will be 100% tax deductible.

Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians —CURRENTLY MATCHING DONATIONS
The Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians members make up some of the zoo and aquarium veterinary technicians from around the world. The Louisville Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital Manager Jamie Huber serves as treasurer for this group. AZVT is raising money for the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife fund. They have raised $25,000 so far and the next $5,000 donated will be matched by Animal Necessity, a veterinary vitamin company. 100% of funds raised will go to help pay for veterinary care, feeding animals, and conservation.

Australian Red Cross
From their website: Our experience in emergencies shows that donations of money, wherever possible, help affected communities recover sooner. Our newly available Emergency Grants will meet the need of helping to cover everyday expenses, allowing people whose homes have been lost to the fires to assess and purchase what they need most.

Zoos and Aquariums Association of Australia Wildlife Conservation Fund
From their website: Many Zoos and Aquariums Association of Australasia member zoos and wildlife parks run wildlife hospitals, rescue and rehabilitation facilities and those in or near fire-affected areas are facing an OVERWHELMING number of native animals requiring both short and long-term support. They are coordinating a crisis response to tackle the immense wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work to be done. They plan to bring together the significant expertise, resources, equipment and facilities across their 95 member zoos, wildlife parks, and aquariums to help native animals in the crisis-affected areas.

Donate your time and talents:

Animal Rescue Craft Guild
This group has provided a number of templates for crafters to use to crochet, knit or sew items like Joey Pouches, Bat Wraps and Pouches that are desperately needed by Animal Rescue Groups in Australia. Templates are located in the files section of their Facebook page, along with Frequently Asked Questions and current needs.

Read updates about efforts:

Zoo Victoria Facebook updates