New Cat in Town

Lebron, a beautiful male jaguar, made his debut at the Zoo this fall and is on exhibit daily. Born in Akron, Ohio, this four-year-old jaguar is named after NBA star LeBron James who also hails from Akron. Before arriving at … Find Out More

The Disappearing Amphibians

Rough, bumpy, smooth or slimy – amphibians can be very different and still share a common fate – the overall amphibian population is declining in the wild. Factors such as drought, human encroachment, pesticides, diseases such as chytridiomycosis, or chytrid … Find Out More

Autumn Colors

If you love to watch the changing of seasons, then you will want to put the Zoo on your places to visit this autumn. Along with cooler temperatures, active animals and fall  activities, the Zoo is the perfect place to … Find Out More

Volunteer News | Winter 2013

This year’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held Sunday, August 11, to thank those who selflessly give of their time and talent to the Zoo. From June 2012 to June 2013, our volunteers contributed 62,801 hours to the Zoo from … Find Out More

Desert Exploration

Since we are hearing about record breaking temperatures across the country, especially in the arid southwest, it only seems appropriate that we take some time to look at areas we know as deserts. Deserts are extremely diverse and interesting ecosystems. … Find Out More