Monkey, Schmidt’s Red-Tailed


Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti

Range & habitat:

East central Africa; forests/tropical rainforests

  • Body lengths range between 12 and 24 inches, with males slightly larger than females.
  • Tails can reach 35 inches long.

In Nature, these monkeys can live to about 20+ years of age.
135 – 200 day gestation period.


In Nature: primarily frugivores (fruit eaters) and seeds but can be omnivorous eating seeds, eggs, insects, small lizards, frogs, etc.

Zoo: fruits, vegetables, and nutritionally balanced primate biscuits


The Schmidt’s red-tailed monkey is a medium-sized monkey characterized by a distinctive white or yellow nose, white cheeks and a long chestnut colored tail.

They have long back legs, a rounded head, a long tail that helps them balance while moving through the trees, and large cheek pouches. They pack food into their cheek pouches and quickly move to another location to safely consume their food away from other monkeys that may try to steal it. These cheek pouches store almost as much food as their stomachs!

If you hear a sneeze, it’s probably the “sneeze call” that they send through the group as an alarm. Schmidt’s red-tailed monkeys are social and live in hierarchical groups, of up to 50 individuals that have a dominant male and multiple females.

IUCN Conservation Status:

Least Concern, (LC)